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Silo Gallery and Glass Studio is giving fused glass classes in the Wimberley/San Marcos, TX area. It is a great place to be when the weather isn't perfect, so come on in for a class! Please watch this page for updates and class news. For FULL classes, contact us to be placed on the wait list, if possbile we will schedule another class.

Classes are are about two and a half hours, and are available Thursday thru Monday for 2 to 10 people(call about larger groups). No experience, tools or supplies to bring, just bring yourself, wear safe shoes, attire and have fun!

By the end of the class, you may know about glass safety, the difference between soft and full fused glass, how to prepare glass for the kiln and history of glass. Our new studio is heated and air conditioned throughout. Find a class below then contact us to register.

Class Schedule

   Class Name (click for info)  Dates 
Pascal technique  Pascal **prerequisite 101 (2 sessions $110)
  • Jun 11 & 25 – Sun 1:30-4pm
fusing 101 projects  Glass fusing 101 (3 sessions $166)
  • Jun. 17, 24, Jul. 1 – Sat. 2:30-5pm
  • Sept. 10, 17, 24 - Sun. 1:30-4pm
Freeze n' Fire  Freeze n' Fire (3 sessions $110)
  • Jul 8, 15, 22 - Sat 2:30
Small dish  You Choose
Small dish or Night light (1 session $40)
  • Jul 9 – Sun. 1:30-4pm
  • Aug 13 – Sun. 1:30-4pm
Debby's Dichro 101  NEW! Debby's Dichro 101 (2 sessions $120)
  • Jul 16 & 23 - Sun 1-4pm
Spoon rest  Spoon rest or Small dish (1 session $40)
  • Jul 29 – Sat 2:30-5pm
Mosaic glass  NEW! Mosaics in glass (2 session $110)
  • Aug 5 & 12 – Sat 2:30-5pm
Handkerchief  Handkerchief vases (2 session $110)
  • Aug 20 & 27 – Sun 1:30-4pm
16" Bird bath  NEW! Bird bath (1 session $110)
  • Sep 2 – Sat 2:30-5pm
Galaxy glass  Galaxy Glass with Debby **prerequisite (3 sessions)
  • Oct 1, 8 & 15 – Sun. 1:30-4pm
Design – Balance & Color  GUEST ARTIST - Design – Balance & Color Kathleen Ash (2 sessions $450)
  • Oct. 21 & 22 – Sat & Sun 10am-3:30pm (5 hour class both days)
scenes in glass  Scenes in glass (1 session $60)
  • Oct 28 – Sat 2:30-5pm
cold-work-sm  Open Studio
  • Thursday 1pm til 5:30
  • Friday 1pm til 5:30
  • Saturday 11am til 1pm
  • Sunday 11am til 1pm
  • Monday 11am til 3:30pm

Learn about glass fusing while creating your own project. The (1 session) classes are held on more than one day, but you only attend one class, choose the day and time that works for you. The (2 or 3 session) classes are held once a week on the same day, such as two Saturdays in a row. You will want to attend all 2 or 3 sessions to complete the projects.

Individual classes

Call for a private class with 2 - 10 people. You choose the project you create in this class. An extra materials fee may apply for some projects. Individual classes can be for 2 to 10 people. $ 100 for 2 people $ 30 for each additional person - up to total of 10 people.

(1 session)
  • Call for your private class of 2 or more!
  • It is possible to have more than 10, please let us know as soon as possible to make special arrangements


Night lights

Learn about fusing glass in this fun and simple class. Make a night light using glass, stringers, or frit. No experience needed.

Night lights $ 40 (1 session)

sun catchers

Sun catcher

Pick your colors for a beautiful sun catcher. Make something pretty to put in a window or hang to brighten your day. No experience necessary.

Sun catcher $ 35 (1 session)

spoon rests

Spoon rest

Make your own spoon rest in this class. Choose your colors then decorate or find the perfect piece of glass from our large selection. No experience needed.

Spoon rest $ 40 (1 session)

Flowing Pattern Bar

Create a beautiful piece using the flow pattern bar technique. In the first class you will choose colors for pattern bars, the bars are then fired. In the second class you will cut and arrange the bars to create your pattern. The last class is finishing, this class may involve extensive cold working of the pieces. ***This is an advanced class Fusing 101 or equivalent is required.

Flowing pattern bar $ 175 (3 sessions)


Learn this unique technique, developed by Chester John. In this advanced class create a beautiful piece using the flow of glass interacting with accent stringers, creating a regular unexpected pattern. In the second class you will coldwork your piece for a professional finish. ***This is an advanced class Fusing 101 or equivalent is required.

Pascal $ 110 (2 sessions)

kiln carving

Kiln carve

Create a pattern using fiber paper to be carved into glass, the heat of the kiln will do the rest. Make a 4x6 bowl or standing piece. Learn about fusing glass in this fun and simple class. No experience needed.

Kiln carve $70 (2 session)

Dichro etching

Dichro Etching w/ Debby Gibson ***

Learn how to create your own dichro patterned glass. Learn some quick pendant tips to create quick and easy pendant. Learn the secrets to stamping on glass and etching the design in the glass. Learn how to make a "crazy quilt" pendant with etched accents. The class will focus on the use of dremmels on glass as well as chemicals that can help you customize your dichro. *** Pre requisite: glass cutting and coldworking.

Dichro Etching w/ Debby Gibson $110 (2 sessions)

NEW! Debby's Dichro 101

Beginning Dichroic glass jewelry class with Elissa, Chester and guest artist, Debby Gibson. Debby will teach you how to work with dichroic glass to make beautiful dichroic pendants. In this class, you will learn the secrets of dichro and jewelry coldworking. Chester or Elissa will work with you to learn to use grinders, tile and ring saws for finishing jewelry. **This class will fulfill the prerequsite for advanced jewelry classes.

Debby's Dichro 101 $120 (2 sessions)


***This class is a prerequsite for advanced classes. Learn the coldworking skills to create a finished look. Call for more information.

Coldworking $ 35 (1 session)

scenes in glass

Scenes in Glass

Create your own scene on a glass background, up to a 4x8 piece. It can hang or be slumped to stand on it's own. Use glass to create things like trees or a sail boat. We will try to help you create something you can enjoy. This is a beginning class, no experience necessary.

Scenes in Glass $ 60 (1 session)

Design, Balance & Color

Design, Balance & Color W/ Kathleen Ash ***

"It is the goal of my design life to create work with a functional reference that will have as much integrity in fifty years as it might have had fifty years ago." Always intrigued by the process, Kathleen Ash enjoys the technical challenges of working with glass. Designing work that is clean, unselfconscious and often humorous, her creations maintain both functional and aesthetic value. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the delightful Kathleen Ash. Studio-K *** Pre requisite: fusing 101

Design, Balance & Color w/ Kathleen Ash $450 (2 sessions 5 hours each day)

Galaxy Glass Jewelry

Galaxy Jewelry ***

Guest artist, Debby Gibson, will teach you how to make Galaxy dichro pendants. Galaxy Glass is all about chemical reactions in glass. We will use powders, frit, copper and silver foils to create one of a kind looks. This workshop is all about experimentation. You will need to know how to use grinders, tile and ring saws before this class.

*** Advanced class - This three session class has a prerequisite of Cold working for Jewelry or equivalent. Galaxy Jewelry $225

fusing 101 projects

Glass fusing 101

Come to Silo Glass to learn the basics of fusing glass. In this 3 session class, you will learn about cutting, preparing for the kiln and firing glass. Join us for this fun and informational class. There will be three sessions for a more in depth knowledge of glass and fusing.

Glass fusing 101 $ 166 (3 sessions)

One step jewelry

One step jewelry

Use molds and glass to create jewelry in one step. Choose the colors and glass to create unique jewelry. No experience necessary.

One step jewelry $ 35 (1 session)

Frames in glass

Frames in glass

Make a frame for your favorite photo, to treasure or to give as a gift. This easy class is fun and no experience necessary.

Frames in glass $ 35 (1 session)


Small dish

Make a 5x5 inch bowl to take home or give as a gift. Learn to cut glass, choose a shape for your mold, and prepare the glass for the kiln. The small dish takes two firings in the kiln, so your piece can not be ready the next day. No experience needed.

Small dish $40 (1 session)

Medium Dish

Learn the fun technique of making your own medium glass serving dish. The 8x8" dish to be created in the colors and design of your choice. This is an extended session class is a beginning class, no experience necessary. Medium Dish $ 70 (1 - 3.5 hour session)

freeze n' fire projects

Freeze n' fire

Learn the fun technique of making your own glass decorations using the freezer and a kiln. Create freeze n' fire pieces in the first session, in the second session, you will use them to decorate a piece. This three session class is a beginning class, no experience necessary.

Freeze n' fire $ 110 (3 sessions)

Handkerchief vases

Handkerchief vases

Make 3 handkerchief vases in this two session class. Day one, create two different types of drapes. Day two learn about more advanced drape techniques.

Handkerchief vases $ 110 (2 sessions)

Ripples in tints

Ripples in tints

Make a beautiful ripple piece using tinted glass. Learn about layering tints and iridescent glass for a most beautiful effect.

Ripples in tints $ 60 (1 session)

edge strip dish

Edge Strip Dish ***

Make an elegant dish using your colors for a beautiful edge strip piece. Learn to build a piece using strips of glass placed on edge. The second session, you will learn to cold work the piece.

*** Advanced class - This two session class has a prerequisite of Fusing 101 or equivalent.

Edge Strip $ 110 (2 sessions)

Spring Hours:

  • Thursday noon-6pm
  • Friday noon-6pm
  • Saturday 10am-6pm
  • Sunday 10am-4pm
  • Monday 10am-4pm
  • Tuesday - Wednesday CLOSED
The sign on the building says, "If you are here and we are not, call. If possible, we will be right out." (512)444-6494

Maine-iac Seafood is HERE!
Maine-iac Seafood
Thursday 2-10, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday noon-10pm

Now, right behind the Silo, in their new permanent location, Maine-iac Seafood is here to stay! Every week, just across the street from Middleton Brewing.


First Friday Fusing Musings

July 7, Friday 6:30pm
 at Silo Gallery & Glass Studio.

Join us the First Friday every month for Fusing Musings! Come meet others interested in glass, ask questions and have fun. Light refreshments, free and open to everyone.

What they said...

  • Thank you both for a delightful, relaxing and fun afternoon at your glass studio! I had a great time and enjoyed the entire experience immensely!
  • We love our night lights and making them was so much fun.
  • Best stop EVER!

Open Studio

Join us for Open Studio. Finish up a class project, create your own project, or select from our beginning class projects.

Tools are provided, sign up early to save your space.

Enroll now!

Call, e-mail, or come by today to hold your place!

Silo Glass
7990 Ranch Road 12
San Marcos / Wimberley Texas

(512) 444-6494 or e-mail us

For all classes

For FULL classes, contact us to be placed on the wait list, if possible we will schedule another class.

The pieces will go into the kiln the day of the class and, unless there are special circumstances, you will be able to pick them up the next day or two, or they can be mailed.

Tools and supplies are provided, there is a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 students per class. Sign up early to save your space.

Shoes - NO flip-flops or open toe shoes. Closed shoes that cover the entire foot up to the ankle are to be worn in the studio.

Clothes - It is better to avoid sleeves that are baggy or drape.

Waiver - All students are required to sign a Silo Glass liability waiver before taking classes or using Silo Glass tools, equipment or materials. See the Studio policies.

Enroll now!

Call, e-mail, or come by today to hold your place! The classes have a minimum of 2 and maximum 10 students. (call for larger groups)

Silo Glass
7990 Ranch Road 12
San Marcos / Wimberley Texas

(512) 444-6494 or e-mail us

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