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Silo Glass Studio Policies

Studio Safety

Silo Glass is serious about safety and expect students and customers to abide by these guidelines for their own safety.

  • Safety glasses and equipment. Wear safety equipment while working in the composition and cold work area. This includes, safety glasses, hearing, and respiratory protection. While Silo Glass may provide protection for hearing, eye, and respiratory, it is the responsibility of the student or customer to protect themselves.
  • Shoes, no flip-flop or sandals. Closed shoes that cover the entire foot up to the ankle are to be worn in the studio.
  • Cotton clothing. We recommend students wear cotton or natural fiber clothing and long pants or dress.
  • When working with equipment, long hair should be tied back.
  • Working with glass may expose you to cuts, gloves are available.

Liability waiver

All students and customers are required to sign a Silo Glass liability waiver before taking any class or using Silo Glass tools, equipment or materials.

Classes and workshops

Full payment for classes is due at registration, except classes over $100. A 50% deposit is required, with the remainder due the first day of class. Registration can be made in person, by phone, or online.


The following policy reflects our concern for your child's physical welfare. Please read carefully and sign the waiver. We cannot admit a child without parent/guardian signature.

  1. Silo Glass is NOT responsible for children/students before or after the hours for which they are registered for class. Parents or guardians of children are required to be present in the Silo Glass classroom with them.
  2. Children are under parental supervision and responsibility at ALL times: before, during and after class hours.
  3. Silo Glass reserves the right to require parents or guardians to withdraw a child from class for disruptive behavior at any time.
  4. NOTE: working with glass has a very high risk of incurring glass cuts, parents or guardians are responsible for treating the cuts.

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