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The Silo - About us

Chester John and Elissa Beach...

After retiring from programming careers with IBM, they looked for a community with a healthy artist community. Wimberley fit the bill plus it was a wonderful place to live! Chester and Elissa moved to Wimberley February 2014 and opened Silo Glass Labor Day weekend.

They have 13 years of combined experience creating glass art. After many years of collecting glass, Chester was ready to take on the role of artist. Chester loves experimenting and has created his own style and several unique techniques. Elissa loves to work with color and light, a wonderful aspect of glass as a medium.

The Grand opening for the new building was Nov. 19,2016! Come see the largest purpose built warm glass studio in Central Texas. See what they are creating and tour the new building next to The Silo, there so much more space. The Gallery is now host to other artsts, and the classroom is so much bigger!

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The Silo History - About the Silo

1985 - The Silo was built by Ralph and Jean Petley using a Butler Building kit. Unfortunately, the kits are no longer available. In addition to The Silo, they built a home further down the road. The home is not visible from the road.

1985 - 2001 The Silo started out as a Stained glass studio and store, that featured lighting.

One man told me about a dog that lived at the Silo. As a child, when he would travel down RR 12, he would see that dog laying on the roof of the building.

From 2002 - 2013 it was The Silo Antique and Feed Store run by Steve and Melinda Howell. I have heard so many stories of the wonderful antiques available during this time. Below is a photo of the front of the store on or before 2010

February 2014 - Chester John and Elissa Beach bought The Silo.

July, 2014 the rectangular building near the Silo was demolished to make way for a new studio.

August 2014 a Moving IN Garage sale was held and we met so many of our neighbors! It was great fun.

Labor Day weekend 2014 Silo Glass opend the door becoming the home for Silo Glass, 2 Muses Fusing, and Glass from the heart.

February, 2016 - Still waiting on permits for the new building.

November 19, 2016 - Grand opening of the new building! See the grand opening poster.

March, 2017 - We are almost completely moved in and have changed the scope of our gallery to 3D art with many other artists, the classroom is larger, the kiln room is larger, the coldworking area is larger, we now have 4,000 square feet of work space.

Watch for updates as we find older photos, build a new studio and remodel the Silo to it's new function as a gallery for glass art! If you have or know of old photos or stories of The Silo, please let us know.


Silo April 2011 - When it was The Silo Antique and Feed Store.
The Silo in 2011
Silo sometime before June 2010 - The Silo Antique and Feed Store.
The Silo in 2010

About us

Chester & Elissa 
Chester and Elissa at Momma Bear kiln

Chester cold working a large piece 
Chester John using the lapidary wheel to cold work a large platter.

The new Silo Gallery & Glass Studio building 
The new building.

Silo Glass Spring 2015 
The Silo with spring flowers

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